Why Iran

You may ask why should I travel to Iran?

Expenses in Iran are low; for better understating just compare the following costs :

The cost of a “double Quarter Pounder with Cheese” in McDonald’s is 4.79$ but in Tehran-Iran you can have it  for 2.5$

McDonald’s Menu Prices 2021Price
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese $4.79
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese – Meal$6.69
Bacon Clubhouse Burger$4.49
Google result For double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Price

Fried chicken 3 pieces basket in KFC is 5.49$ while in Iran you can order same meal for just 4 bucks.

KFC Menu Prices 2021Price
3 Pc. Chicken Box$7.99
Crispy Colonel Combo with 2 Sides$7.99
5 pc. Tenders with 2 Sides$7.99
Google result For KFC 3 pieces Fried chicken Price

Using Uber for 20km in Canada costs 40$ but same ride in Iran costs only 2$ for you. It just because of low priced gasoline.

Snapp , online Taxi Service in iran
Snapp , online Taxi Service in iran

Flight ticket from Montreal to Toronto with Air Canada costs 600$ but the same flight (for example from Tehran to Kish Island) with Iran Air will cost you 40$.

flight reservation - Tehran to Kish
flight reservation – Tehran to Kish

Booking one Deluxe Double Room with sea view in Clarion Hotel Golden Horn Turkey is 359$ but Booking the same room with even more offers to use in Toranj Hotel Kish Island, is just 120$ per night.

Now you can calculate costs of a perfect vacation in Iran and compare it to other options.

Iran has a great nature

The Confluence of the desert and the sea, the 12th highest mountain in the world (Damavand), secluded forests and mountain roads are just a part of its beauty.

There are 3.4 million hectares of forest on the northern mountains of Iran called Alborz mountains and the coastal provinces of the Caspian Sea. Also, there is another three million hectares of forest all over the country

We can mention Iran’s forests such as Do Hezar Se Hezar, Lafour, Belirian, Touskastan, Sisangan, Dalkhani, Gisoum, etc.

One the best desert adventurings is adventuring in Iran’s deserts such as central desert (Dasht Kavir), Lout desert, Rige Jen desert, Abouzeyd Abad Kashan desert, Maranjab desert and so on. You can see the intersection of the desert and the sea.

Kalut Shahdad Desert
Kalut Shahdad Desert

Roaring rivers in Iran have created a beautiful and incredible nature and I can mention some rivers such as Aras, Jajroud, Karoun, Zayande roud, Maroun, Sepid roud, Sirvan, Atrak, etc.

We have more than desert and forest. Iran is bordered by the Caspian Sea in the north and Persian Gulf and Oman sea in the south. I cannot describe the beautiful Caspian beach and the peace of Persian Gulf.

I can mention Chabahar, Ramsar, Roudsar, Motel Ghou, Boushehr, Qeshm and Kish as the most beautiful coastal cities.

These are some entertainments that you can do in Kish Island such as diving, going to water park, jet ski, cruise, live music and so on.

The safest country in the region

Iran is one of the safest countries in the middle east so that international SOS institute reported traveling to Iran as a low-risk travel. It described Iran’s situation as safe as England, France, Sweden, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, China, the USA and Canada.

international sos risk map , iran

More progressive than what they have shown you

Iran is more advanced in science, technology and industry than what you read in the news.
Iran is one of the influential countries in primary industry that supplies the world with raw materials and commodities. Iran is in the second place of having gas reservoirs and third in having oil reservoirs.
Iran is a producer of commodities in the industry such as steel, urea, methanol, gasoline, etc.
Iran is the largest producer of these materials in the Middle East: all kinds of steel products, urea, methanol, gasoline, iron ore, copper, etc.

Iran is the largest producer of these materials

Various hotels

One of the most important tourist concerns is reserving and staying in hotel. Iran’s hotel will be a good host for you.

Do you consider spending a night at a five-star hotel by the sea or forest?

Iran’s hotels are cheaper than the whole world and neighbor countries. So, you can experience a trip with spending only 20 dollars for a night.

It’s noticed that you should pay 100 dollars for a night to reserve a five-star hotel with modern world standards in Iran.

iran Various hotels

Notice that according to the law of the country serving alcoholic drinks is forbidden.

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