Visadar Waterfall

Visadar waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Gilan province. This waterfall is the third highest waterfall in Gilan, which is located in the beautiful forests of Rezvanshahr.

Visadar waterfall

The unique shape of the walls around Visadar waterfall has created beautiful sights in the forest.


Visadar waterfall flows over high stones and falls into the pool below.

Visadar waterfall's height

Visadar waterfall’s height reaches 15 meters.

The pond below the waterfall is a good place for swimming.

Visadar waterfall

The light that is passing through the leaves of the trees and its reflection on the waterfall pond make a very pleasant combined scene. The forest around the Visadar waterfall is also very suitable for hiking and camping because of its high density of its trees.

Visadar means shadow of willow according to Talesh language.

There is no written story about the reason for naming this waterfall; But according to local people, the forest that is covered with willow trees around Visadar waterfall can be the reason for this name.

Visadar waterfall | forest

The forest around the Visadar waterfall is a very suitable option for fans of camping in nature.

The short distance between the waterfall and the surrounding villages and the main road has also made this area a popular place for camping enthusiasts.

There are local residences in the surrounding forests.

If you plan to stay in the main cities during your trip to Visadar waterfall, you can stay in Rasht or Razvanshahr. Then organize a one-day trip to visit Visadar waterfall. Rasht hotels are various in terms of price and facilities.

For your information
What can you see ?Waterfall, forest, mountain, lake and river
Where you can see ?Rezvan Shahr, Gilan Province
Closest City, village ?Arde Village
How much time from closest village ?30 minutes
Where to stay ?Native residence
Place for camping?Yes
Who to access ?Walking
What you need ?Anti-bite and sting cream, sun protection cream, camping equipment (like tent, sleeping bag, etc.)
Walking shoes
What to wear ?Spring: having a light weighted jacket
Summer: pants and t-shirt
Fall and winter: heavy weighted jacket
When to travel ?Spring , Summer , Fall
Access way

Visadar waterfall is located in Oviar village near Arde village, which is in Rezvanshahr, Gilan province.

First you have to reach Rasht. From Rasht – Astara road, go to Some Sara and then Pare Sar. Enter Taleghani Street on the left side of the road on the main road.

Pare Sar Tourist Complex is located at the first of this street and is a good guidance for travelers. From the beginning of this street, you have 14 kilometers to reach the waterfall.

Then Taleghani Street connects to Visadar Waterfall Street and then reaches Visadar Road. You have 88 kilometers to travel from Rasht to Visadar waterfall.

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