Palangan Village

Palangan stairs Village

Palangan is a 1500 years old village in Kurdistan Province, Iran.

The architecture of this village is like stairs and it`s built on the sides of a river called Tangiver and on the hillside.

There is a castle near the village that belongs to the Seljuk and Samani era.

Palangan castle

The history of Palangan village dates back to 6th or 7th century AH.

Palangan Waterfall

The charms of this village include its weather, beautiful natural landscape, special architectural form, and ancient ceremonies.

Palangan village`s Nowruz ceremony

Young people of the village climb the mountain by stomping and rotating the flambeau. People welcome the spring and Persian new year with designing their roof with colorful cloth and playing the Daf.

Palangan Food

Palangan`s special food

Grilled fish is one of the Palangan`s nation foods. You can visit fish farming center and choose desired fish then grill it.
Grilled fish with Iranian rice tastes great.

For your information
What can you see ?Stepped village, mountain, river, special ceremonies, spring, waterfall
Where you can see ?Kurdistan province
Closest City, village ?Sanandaj
How much time from closest village ?2 hours
Where to stay ?Native residence
Place for camping?Yes
Who to access ?Car, motorcycle
What you need ?Walking shoes, warm clothes, camera
What to wear ?Summer and spring: bring an overcoat
Fall and winter: winter clothes
When to travel ?Nowruz vacation, spring and summer

Natural areas

In this village, the first natural element that is eye-catching is the Tangivar River.

Palangan areas

The existence of more than 20 mineral springs and the flowing down of springs to the river have naturally provided drinkable mineral water in this village

You can also enjoy the roaring waterfalls on the way of springs to the river.

How can we go to Palangan?

Palangan is accessible through different cities such as Kamyaran, Paveh and Sanandaj.

Sanandaj path : If you choose Sanandaj path, you should know that it is about two hours drive from Sanandaj to Palangan. First you have to go to Kamyaran, then get out of Beheshti Kamyaran Street. After passing through Javrud village, you reach the Tangivar Valley. The Tangivar River passes through this valley, which is built on the foothills of Shaho, in Palangan village.

Kermanshah path : If you start your way from Kermanshah, you will also cross the same Kermanshah-Sanandaj road and you should go to Kamyaran. After passing 48 kilometers of the Tobreh Riz village road, you reach the green sign of Palangan. If you have enough time, visit the Mavian, Gaskhi, Gazer Khani, Bezoosh, Kashter and Yoozidar.

By public transportation : If you don`t travel by your car, it’s not hard to go to Palangan village. There are minibuses and taxis from Kermanshah or Sanandaj to kamyaran. You can take both bus and taxi from Kamyaran to Palangan. Departure of minibuses is scheduled but taxis are always ready to go to Palangan.

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