Lawton Waterfall

There’s a high attracting waterfall beside espinas mountain in a dense forest with green plants. This forest has plum, quince, pear, walnut, hazelnut and malus sieversii trees. It’s name is Lawton and it’s visible from 500 meters distance.

This waterfall is one the 30 highest waterfalls all over the world.

It’s height is 105 meters and it’s width is 5 meters.

Lawton Waterfall

Lawton waterfall is the highest waterfall in the north of Iran.

Lawton Camp Place

Where is Lawton waterfall?

Lawton waterfall is placed between Gilan and Ardbil. This eye catching waterfall is one the attracting places of Astara, located in the heights of this port city, and 15 kilometers distanced from Lavandevil city and it’s 6 kilometers far from the kuteh kumeh village.

For your information
What can you see ?Spring, forest, river and mountain
Where you can see ?Astara, Gilan Province
Closest City, village ?Kuteh Kumeh village
How much time from closest village ?three hours
Where to stay ?Native residence
Place for camping?Yes
Who to access ?Walking
What you need ?Anti-bite and sting cream, sun protection cream, camping equipment (like tent, sleeping bag, etc.)
What to wear ?Spring: having a light weighted jacket
Summer: pants and t-shirt
Fall and winter: heavy weighted jacket
When to travel ?Spring and first weeks of summer

Sights near the Lawton waterfall

There are special views and landscapes such as waterfalls, very beautiful forest hills, many springs with cool drinkable water through this path that you will enjoy visiting them.

Kuteh Kumeh village

Kuteh Kumeh village

Don’t miss the village tour in beautiful Kuteh Kumeh at the beginning of your trip.. This village is the closest village to the Lawton waterfall and has attractions such as a spring, a mill called Asieh Showan mill, and an old cemetery.

Kuteh Kumeh spring : Kuteh Kumeh spring is the only forest spring in the country, which you can see at the beginning of your way to Lawton. This spring has three showers and a swimming pool, parking, buffet, bathrooms and rooms for tourists and passengers.

Lawton Waterfalls


There are three large natural pools with three 10 meter waterfalls that you can visit them near the Lawton waterfall. Notice that there are dangerous and deadly cliffs, especially between the 105 and 65 meter waterfalls, in the end of the path to Lawton waterfall, so be careful.

Lawton Castle

A historical castle near Lawton waterfall, on the top of the Espinas mountain, will attract your attention. This castle belongs to Babak Khorramdin and is known as Epinas castle. If you are a climber, don’t miss visiting this place on the top of the mountain at two thousand meters height.

Access way

To get to Lawton waterfall, first, you must go to the Lavandevil city on the way of Talesh to Astara road. Then take the bypath to the south and after a few kilometers, you will reach the village of Kuteh Kumeh. Then continue through the beautiful forest road of the region for 6 kilometers. You can also access this waterfall through Sooha lake.

Notice that the way to Lawton waterfall is twisty and has deep valleys so it can cause many risks for strange people. Village people usually take local SUVs in this path.

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