Filband Village

Walking beyond the clouds and seeing some special scenes of nature is not possible without having wings.

Filband Village

You feel like you have wings in Filband village.


Filband literally means a place in which exhaustion ends.

You can understand it better after seeing its pictures.
For your information
What can you see ?Cloud ocean, mountain , river
Where you can see ?Babol, Mazandaran province
Closest City, village ?Sang Chal
How much time from closest village ?An hour and a half
Where to stay ?Native residence
Place for camping?Yes
Who to access ?Car, motorcycle
What you need ?Walking shoes, warm clothes, camera
What to wear ?Summer and spring: warm clothes
Fall and winter: bring an overcoat
When to travel ?Spring and summer, specially August
Filband Sang Chal

Sights around Filband

Sang Chal and Chelav’s forests near the Filband village are proper options for jogging. Imamzadeh Yahya’s tomb is placed in this village. You can visit this Imamzadeh during your trip.

There are boiling mineral springs around the village. One of the famous ones is “Lar” spring, which its water is considered healing for kidney diseases and bone pain.

Filband Rostam Chal

You can reach Rostam Chal village after a short walk. In this village, you will see two large holes which are said to be meteorite impact. The village and its path will be the charms of this trip.

How can we go to Filband ?

Start your journey from Amol city to Haraz road. Continuing for two kilometers after the first tunnel, you’ll see sign of Chelav village on the left side of the road.

After passing Chelav village, you will reach grasslands and then you will arrive to the Filband village by passing uphill. It is about 170 kilometers from Tehran to Filband, but the twists and turns of the mountain roads make it a four-hour drive.

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