Estakhrgah Village

Estakhrgah is a small village in the Gilan province, which is known as the lost paradise. This village is located in Rudbar city, the city of olive trees. The beauty of the four seasons and its unique nature attracts many tourists every year.

Estakhrgah Village - Milad Amini
Photo By Milad Amini

It is called Estakhrgah because it has 2 natural beautiful pool in it.

For reaching Estakhrgah

For reaching Estakhrgah, you pass a mountain road with a view of paddy fields. The Estakhrgah is a great destination for a trip since it has pleasant weather and it`s on the hillside.

Estakhrgah Virgin forests

Virgin forests

Nature of the village is really fascinating. The forest area around he village is very beautiful. So if you leave the house in the morning for a walk in the forest, you’ll be so attracted to villages beauty that you wont be back till night.

Estakhrgah Camp

The forests around Estakhrgah village is a proper place for camping.

For your information
What can you see ?Waterfall, forest, mountain, lake and river
Where you can see ?Rudbar, Gilan Province
Closest City, village ?Estakhrgah village
How much time from closest village ?10 minutes
Where to stay ?Native residence
Place for camping?Yes
Who to access ?Car, motorcycle
What you need ?Anti-bite and sting cream, sun protection cream, camping equipment (like tent, sleeping bag, etc.)
What to wear ?Spring: having a light weighted jacket
Summer: pants and t-shirt
Fall and winter: heavy weighted jacket
When to travel ?Spring and first weeks of summer
Photo By Milad Amini

Access way

Estakhrgah village is 35 km away from Rudbar city and 75 km from Rasht city, located in Darfak fields.

Estakhrgah path from Tehran : Take the new Ghazvin to Rasht highway. After Rudbar, exit the freeway and enter Baresar-Tonekabon road.
You should go to Defraz taking Beresar-Tonekabon road. After about 20 minutes, you will reach Defraz and you can find the rest of the path by asking from local people or using the map.

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