Baliran Forest

If you are in to hiking and enjoy nature, you know the feeling when you are walking through the woods specially when you’re hiking through a secluded forest like Baliran – Amol.
Baliran Adventure Motorcycle

Baliran Forest is known as heaven of Amol or heaven of Mazandaran, the forest is located near Amol city and when you explore it you’ll enjoy the cool weather of the Alborz mountain and you can see the magnificent views of county life.

Hot springs with minerals

Baliran Forest

This spring is a popular place for tourists which are traveled to Mazandaran. The spring is called “Lalehzaar” in Farsi meaning: place that tulips grow. The water is full of minerals which can cure lots of skin disease.

The water have persian blue color and enter from left flank to the river

Baliran river
For your information
What can you see ?Forest, waterfall and spring
Where you can see ?Amol, Mazandaran Province
Closest City, village ?Baliran Village
How much time from closest village ?1 hour
Where to stay ?Ecolodge
Place for camping?Yes
Who to access ?Hiking
What you need ?Anti-bite and sting cream, sun protection cream, camping equipment (like tent, sleeping bag, etc.)
What to wear ?Spring: having a light weighted jacket
Summer: pants and t-shirt
Fall and winter: heavy weighted jacket
When to travel ?Spring and first weeks of summer

If you have camping equipment, you can enjoy a great night in Baliran forest.

Baliran forest


First you need to reach the Baliran village in Mazandaran province. From Tehran you can either fly to Sari and then drive to Amol and then Baliran within about 2 hours of driving or drive through one of the most amazing and mesmerizing roads in Iran called Haraz from Tehran to Amol within about 4 hours.

After arriving at Baliran, you can find the river and hike against it to the mentioned spring and camp site.

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