Shah Mosque

The Shah Mosque or Abbasi Great Mosque is located in Naghsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan.

Abbasi Great Mosqu

This mosque was built during the Safavid dynasty in the 11th century.

stuctured by the order of Shah Abbas

This huge building was stuctured by the order of Shah Abbas I in 1611, but he never saw the result of the work. The Shah Mosque was completed during the reign of Shah Abbas II in 1629. Shah Abbas built this mosque for Shah Tahmasap’s memorial.


The whole mosque has a great symmetry. The semi-dome arch of the external portal in the square is 27 meters, and the height of the minarets are about 42 meters.

Shah Mosque - into

This huge mosque has two symmetrical naves on the eastern and western sides of the courtyard. One of these shrines (eastern shrine) is bigger but simple and unadorned, and the other one (western shrine) is smaller but decorated with clay tiles of seven colors, and its altar is one of the most beautiful altars in Isfahan mosques.

The height of the large southern veranda of the mosque is 33 meters. Minarets are located on its sides, which their height is 48 meters.

These two minarets are decorated with tiles and the names of Muhammad and Ali are repeatedly engraved on their walls.

dome of the mosque

The large dome of the mosque has interesting tile decorations. There is also an inscription in white Thuluth on azure brick tiles.

The architectural style of this building is based on the pure style of Isfahan.

Shah Abbasi mosque

The main decorations of this mosque are seven color brick tiles that will make unique images in your mind.

Statue of Ali Akbar Isfahani

The architect of this mosque is Ali Akbar Esfahani, the supervisor of the building is Moheb Ali Beykollah, and its calligraphers are Alireza Abbasi, Abdolbaghi Tabrizi, Muhammad Reza Emami and Muhammad Saleh Emami. Each of these people are famous people on their own.

Shah mosque Area

The view of the courtyard is decorated with corridors, niches, piles of bright vaulted and long strips of bright white inscriptions. It is covered with magnificent seven color tiles which are designed perfectly with blue and gold like turquoise.

The combination of the spiritual atmosphere of this mosque along with its external beauty is attractive for every tourist.

sang ab

There are seven circular stone throughs* in the Shah Mosque. In the past, people who went to the mosque for praying, performed ablution and washed their hands and faces in them.
Circular stone through is a large stone made of jade or lime, which is placed at the entrance and in different places of mosques for performing ablution, washing hands and face, and drinking.

in Persian theyre called Sang Ab and its a big bowl made of stone. Usage is explained above

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