Kish Island

A recreational island located in the Persian Gulf.

recreational island - kish

Kish is one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran since it`s free zone and there are entertaining centers and malls, tourist attractions and many hotels. Towering palm trees, walking on Persian Gulf seasure, luxury hotels, various shopping centers, diving in the deep sea, dolphins’ swimming, exciting water sports and fishing at the recreational pier are waiting for you!

You do not need a visa to travel to Kish

You do not need a visa to travel to Kish Island!

At Kish International Airport, the officials will take your photograph, fingerprints, and stamp your passport, allowing you to stay up to 14 days on the Island.

The area of Kish Island is 90 square kilometers and its population is about 40 thousand people.

Kish Air

Kish Island is the third most visited destination in the Middle East after Dubai and Sharm el-Sheikh.

Residence in Kish Island

Residence in Kish Island

You have many options for staying in Kish, such as hotels, villas and beach apartments. Because of the reasonable price, beach villas are a good offer for staying. However, staying in the luxurious hotels of Kish Island can also be very exciting. For example, Sorinet Hotel, Dariush Hotel, Eram Hotel, Toranj Hotel, Kish Marina Park Hotel, Flamingo Hotel and Shayan Hotel are the most luxurious options for booking in Kish. Shayan, Jame Jam, Saadat, Venus, Shaygan Kish Hotel, Tatilat and Shabaviz are the other proper and cheap hotels in Kish Island.

Aqua park

Kish Aqua Park

Ocean Kish aqua park is the largest outdoor aqua park in Iran and the only outdoor aqua park for women, which offers you an attractive experience of a wonderful water recreation thanks to its relaxing pools, saunas and jacuzzis. Notice that the Ocean aqua park is the only aqua park in the country with surfing facilities. This aqua park has a heating system for cold seasons and so, even in cold weather, you can enjoy it and watch the beautiful sunset of Kish from this place. Some of the recreational parts of this place include Pichalup, Dingle, Rally Ride, massage and spa, etc.

Kish Safari


Kish Safari recreation isn’t limited to Land Cruiser riding on the sand dunes. There are other choices available such as ATV four-wheel motorcycle, Buggy motor, drift motor, karting, bungee shooting, camel ride, trampoline, bubble football, zorb ball, paintball, magic cylinder, virtual reality glasses.


Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy this fascinating activity on the most parts of Kish Island. However, those tourists who are looking for professional fishing should use the various fishing clubs on the beaches of the island, such as the Kish Sea Hamour Fishing Club and the Marina Fishing Club, which provide the necessary equipment for them. In these centers, it is possible to fish on the beach and on a boat. Since the beaches of the island are purged and have complete security, you can go fishing without any worries.

Fishing Kish

The temperature is a little cooler in early morning and evening hours, and that are the best times for fishing in Kish. Also, between four and seven in the morning, the sea water rises and tourists can easily catch a large number of fish.

Dolphins park

Dolphins park kish

Kish Dolphin Park is a huge amusing park structured on 100 hectares, located in the southeastern part of Kish Island. This complex hosts more than 20 types of sea mammals, birds (such as eagles, pelicans, flamingos, peacocks, toucans and ostriches) and reptiles (such as crocodiles, snakes and lizards).

Flyboard Kish Iran


If you have never flyboarded, you can try it on Kish Island. It might be hard at first, but once you learn how to keep your balance, you can enjoy the view of the sea below your feet.

Diving in Kish Island

Diving in Kish Island

I’m sure that diving in the depths of the Persian Gulf is one of the most attractive parts of a trip to Kish Island. Diving among the rocks and corals with the fish that welcome you.

Notice that you don’t need diving knowledge to dive in Kish Island. You will be taught everything you need before diving.

parasel kish


You go on a colorful parachute and then a boat quickly lifts you up in the sky. You will see a beautiful view of Kish Island. You will experience a unique feeling of peace and the highest level of excitement in the azure sky and the clear and beautiful waters of the Persian Gulf.

Kish Sea tour

Sea tour

In the sea tour, you can use a private boat with a captain and enjoy the beautiful Persian Gulf. The experience of fishing with a gun and free diving is very exciting and possible in this sea tour.

Jet Ski

Jet Ski Kish

The excitement of speed and jumping over the waves of the Persian Gulf with a jet ski provides memorable moments for tourists.

Paddle board

Kish Paddle board

Paddle boarding is really different from other water activities in Kish Island that thrill seekers should not miss! A paddle board is a solid board that people put their feet on and then move on the sea.

The pleasure of floating in the coral waters of Kish Island

Underwater scooter kish

Underwater scooter

The submarine scooter is one of the most exciting water activities in Kish Island, which offers you the possibility of traveling to the depths of the Persian Gulf and watching the underwater world and the colorful fish of the Persian Gulf. The scooter is a type of diving, except that you can move at the depth of 10 meters by the help of an underwater motor and an instructor.

Kish Water skiing

Water skiing

You can experience water skiing or cable skiing at the first water skiing site of the Middle East in Kish Island. You can also water ski with a boat on the island. In this type of skiing, you are connected to a boat by a rope; But in cable skiing, you`re connected to the towers of the cable skiing park by the cables.

Kish Kite Boarding

Kite boarding

Kite boarding is a combination of paragliding and water skiing. You can move on the surface of water and its waves. You have to ride a ski board, while you are connected to a kite and then you will be suspended in the air for a few moments. Kite has the role of sail and board do the task of floating the athlete on the water.


Banana Kish

Banana is another water sport where you ride banana tubes (in the shape of a banana) and then move on the surface of the sea by fanatic boats at a very high speed. This group water slide is very exciting. Minimum four and maximum eight people can use it within 15 minutes.

Bungee jumping Kish

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the exciting activities in Kish, which is available with two platforms that are 40 and 60 meters. Only those people who have the experience of using the 40-meter platform can try the higher platform. You fall from the platform to the ground by a spring rope, which is completely safe because of the observance of safety principles. Jazebeh Club is the only bungee jumping center in Kish.

You can also experience free jumping on the mat in this club, which is available from a 3 to 12 meters height and the weight allowed for its use is from 20 to 120 kg.

Gyrocopter Kish


Kish Gyrocopter is one of the best options for a safe and fun flying experience over the sights of Kish and the Persian Gulf beside water recreations. A gyrocopter or recreational helicopter is a combination of a helicopter and an airplane, which has a capacity for only two people which includes a pilot and a passenger. The duration of its use is about 12 minutes.

Kish cruise ships

Kish cruise ships

Among Kish’s cruise ships, we can mention Avesta ship, Dena ship, Tara ship, Artemis ship, Navid ship, Aquarium ship and Top Tours catamaran ship. In the sea tour by ship, you can have the experience of being on the seas around the island in a two-hour session with music and food serving.

We can mention riding a bicycle on the beach, renting luxury cars, touring with electric motors, and group games such as bowling as the other recreations in Kish Island.

Greek Ship

The Greek Ship has been beached on the southwest coast of Kish Island  in 1966. Nowadays, it is one of the most famous sights in Kish.

Greek Ship Kish

The owner of this ship was a person from Greece and he abandoned it because it has been beached.

For your information
What can you see ?Sea, beach, water recreations, cruise ship
Where you can see ?Kish Island, Hormozgan Province
Where to stay ?Native residence , Hotel
Who to access ?Airplane, ship
What to wear ?Spring and Summer: pants and t-shirt
Fall and winter: having a light weighted jacket
When to travel ?Spring , Summer , Fall , Winter

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