About Iran

Iran (AKA Persia) is a country which located in western Asia and Middle east.

Iran is the largest country of Middle east after Saudi Arabia and fourth largest country in the Asia.

Iran is bordered with Armenia and Azerbaijan to the north west, Caspian Sea and Turkmenistan to the north, Pakistan and Afghanistan to the east, Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf to the south and Iraq and Turkey to the west.

Iran is one of the most populated countries of middle east, Iran has a population of 85 million.

Iran has 31 provinces and Tehran is the capital of it.

Iran’s official language is Farsi (AKA Persian) while its people also use various languages like Kurdish etc.

Iran is home of couple of greatest ancient civilizations like Elamite, Medes, Achaemenid Empire etc. The former one dates back to 4th millennium BC. In the 7th millennium BC Medes were the first empires who tried to conquer large parts of Iran. In the 6th millennium Cyrus the Great, founded Achaemenid Empire which turned in to one of the largest empires of the history.

Iran has an impressive diversity in climate. You can drive 50km out of Tehran in a warm summer and feel almost freezing temperature.

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